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Data Recovery

When is a data recovery service required?

A data recovery service is required when:

  • Your storage device media is physically damaged 
  • Your data is on a mobile device 
  • You’re not comfortable doing it o your own using step-by-step software 


Recovering your data is important and for that you need experts

A data recovery expert can help you:

  • Bring back lost files or information
  • Saving hours of frustration
  • Recovering data you might never have seen again

Things you can try yourself first 

Rebooting is the ‘Golden Rule’ for a reason

Reboot your computer, your printer, your router, your mobile phone, your USB hub and everything else you’re having a problem with. By reboot, we mean turn it off, wait a good minute or two, and turn it back on.


Reinstall and update your applications

Uninstalling and reinstalling an application would clear out any corrupt data or broken settings. It would also ensure that you’re running the latest version of the software, complete with the latest compatibility updates and bug fixes.


Check for spyware and malware

Update your antivirus and antispyware software to the latest versions and run the most comprehensive scans.


Reinstall your operating system

Do a factory reset for your phone. Once you reinstall your OS your computer will go back to being as it was when you first bought it. That means broken files, corrupt data, dodgy extensions and any viruses will be wiped away. So will all your documents, photos, emails, apps and settings, so please ensure you have everything safely backed up.


What you should expect 

When the above steps don’t work, we’re here to help.


A ‘Certified Technician Only’ will fix your phone

Our technicians are trained and have many years of hands-onexperience of repairing mobile phones and other devices.


Repair vs New

We will always do what we can to fix your device so you don’t have to buy a new one — and 9 times out of 10, repairing your device will be cheaper than replacing it.


Bringing it to us won’t void the warranty

Any accidental damage to your phone and phew! the phone’s limited one-year warranty is already voided. Coming to PC Garage won’t void your warranty. According to a memo sent to Apple retail employees, customers getting their device’s screen repaired by a third-party source no longer void their warranty like it once did


Safety of your data

Privacy and confidentiality of data are extremely important factors for us. We perform a full backup of your device to insure no data is lost when we complete your repair. However, you need not have any fear of personal information being compromised or stolen.


What's Possible and what not

We are dedicated to resolving your device woes. Our certified and friendly staff will repair your broken,faulty or damaged device to your satisfaction. Also, if you are interested you can trade off your old device for a new or a new-like refurbished phone. Most of our repairs are completed the same day. We shall notify you when the device is un-repairable and the reasond for it.



This disclaimer covers all devices that come for repair to PC Garage.

While undertaking the repair process, we will use all our expertise, diligent work and care to bring your device back to working the way it was. However, you at times might be able to observe slight variation of the device before and after it had been worked on. This is unavoidable. Our professional technicians will do their very best to make sure all devices worked upon will stay close to the original shape and design Also,Please take note of your device’s pre existing condition before submitting it for repair work. We are only responsible for the part we replace.

By submitting your device for repair hereafter, you agree that you not hold PC Garage or any of its technician and staff on this matter.